Panasonic KVS2087 A4 ADF Scanner

€1,345.00 ex vat- €1,627.45 incl vat

Excellent performance keeps office productivity high. This scanner can quickly convert a large number of documents into electronic data, so it provides smooth usage even in offices with many users. Scanning documents into data makes it possible to consolidate information, which improves work efficiency. And it lowers the cost of handling documents and reduces the space needed to store them.

With its expanded range of features, including scanning speeds of up to 85ppm/ 170 ipm in duplex, one-touch scanning of up to 200 documents in ADF, passport, card and long paper scanning, remote control software for online status checks, Auto Rescan and Auto Preview features and extended roller life of 350k sheets, the KV-S2087 is all set to become the new champion of high-quality, high-volume scanning.

With cost savings still paramount to business buyers all over the world, the KX-HDV230 looks certain to cement its place as the new must-have scanner on every desk.

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