Panasonic KVS1058Y A4 ADF Scanner

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Network Function

Preset scan

Scan without using PC.

Network PC mode

Scanned data can be transferred to a PC via the LAN

Scan to FTP Server
Scanned data can be transferred to a FTP Server.
Scan to SMB Folder

Scan to SMB Folder

Scanned data can be stored to a SMB folder.

Scan to Email

Scanned data can be emailed as file attachments.

Document Scanning

High-Speed Full-Color Scanning

Excellent performance keeps office productivity high.

Duplex Scanning

Prevents pages from being missed when scanning.

Double-Feed Prevention

Prevents scanning mis-feeds.

Compound Paper Scanning

Compound paper such as carbonless copy paper can be fed.

Document Output Control

Prevents the output order from changing.

Single Touch Scanning

Easy Scanning with a single press of the button.

Booklet Scanning

Multi-page documents can be scanned with the ADF (thickness up to 4 mm).

Thin Paper Scanning

No more worries about scanning thin paper.

Embossed Card Scanning

Enables smooth embossed card scanning.

Paper and Hard Card Scanning

Enables hard card scanning with paper documents in a single batch.

Long Paper Mode

Even documents of unusually long sizes can be scanned.

Gate Mechanism

Reliable paper feed mechanism.

Feeding Detection

Intelligent Double-feed Detection

Memorizes the canceled double-feed detection as a scan setting.

Ultrasonic Double-Feed Detection

Prevent scanning errors.

Double-Feed Skip Function

Cancels double-feed errors to simplify rescanning.

Automatic Image Processing

Automatic Image Orientation

No more worries about the document's direction.

Advanced Image Processing

Makes complicated settings automatically to improve scanning quality.

2-Page Separation

Easily get the data you need from each page.


Power Saving

Reduces power consumption.

Easy Maintenance

Reduces maintenance costs and downtime.

Auto Erasure Security

A high degree of safety.

Space-Saving Installation

The scanner can be installed just about anywhere.