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CZUR ET18 Pro Bookscanner

€525.00 ex vat- €645.75 incl vat


CZUR ET18 Pro Professional Document Scanner, 2nd Gen Auto-Flatten & Deskew Tech, 18MP HD Camera, Capture A3, 186 Languages OCR, Convert to PDF/Searchable PDF/Word/Tiff/Excel, Run On Windows & MacOS

• Patented Curve Flattening Technology

Automatically flatten and correct the curve distortion of books

• High-Speed Scanning

Each scanning takes as fast as 1.5 seconds

• Adjustable Brightness

Enables adjustments for 4 levels of brightness to your surroundings

• No Reflections

Additional light source from side light to evenly illuminate your documents and prevent reflections

• Handles up to A3 Size

Handles content measuring up to 18.89” x 14.17” and up to 1.96” thick

• Built-in ABBYY® OCR

Creates searchable PDFs and editable Word and Excel files for a lifetime free. Recognizes more than 180 languages