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ScanPro 2500 Microfilm Scanner (Various specifications, please ring for pricing)

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eImageData ScanPro 2200




Small and compact, the ScanPro microfilm scanners fit almost anywhere.The ScanPro is built for durability in public use applications. The construction is heavy gauge steel throughout and all moving parts use steel bearings for long term reliability. The combination carriers for all film types are easy and fast to operate..

The ScanPro microfilm scanner software (PowerScan) is an intuitive Windows® computer application with familiar icons and text labels to further reduce the learning curve for both occasional and first time users. And, just CLICK the Film Selection Wizard to automatically set up your scanner for any microform application. One CLICK on-screen buttons complete look ups and research quickly and efficiently. Also, there is an on screen help menu at your fingertips that provides details on how to use any button control

The OCR features are bundled together as the PowerScan Productivity Suite and work with the microfilm image that you see on the view screen. This optional OCR software consists of WORD-Search, INFO-Link, copy selected areas as text to your "clipboard", and creates word searchable PDF's. And, automatic-scanning, standard on the ScanPro 2000, lets you scan selected images or the entire roll. Or, you can add the optional AUTO-Scan® Pro for high speed scanning of selected images or the entire roll.

Scanpro 2000


  • Camera USB3: Optical resolution 6.6 megapixels
  • Film selection WIZARD: One click automatic set up of your scanner for any film application
  • On-screen magnifier (selectable zoom): to read small text and inspect fine details
  • FOCUS-Lock™ (patented)
  • Optical image rotation: Maximum resolution for both portrait and landscape images
  • Optical zoom 7 to 54x or optional 7 to 105x
  • Selectable auto-crop or persistent crop (efficiently capture images on fiche)
  • Soft bright, film-optimized lamps with lifetime warranty
  • Scan resolution (selectable): 150 to 1200 dpi.
  • Automatic film scanning (included): Partial or full roll (up to 10 images/minute)
  • Automatic film scanning (optional): AUTO-Scan® Pro (up to 40 images/minute)
  • MergeClips™: Combine, arrange, and size scans to a single page, plus annotation
  • SPOT- Edit™ (live editing provides speed and accuracy)
  • Optical straighten (no image size reduction): Select automatic, line or manual
  • turn on/off watermark and copyright warnings
  • One-click scan buttons: Scan to e-mail (direct within the ScanPro software), USB3/ USB2
  • All common file formats and word searchable PDF/A (OCR with ABBYY® fine reader)
  • One-click AUTO-Adjust button: Adjusts brightness, contrast, straightens, and crops
  • PowerScan Productivity Suite (optional)
The Scanpro 2000 can be configured with various options to suit your needs
  • Manual Fiche Only
  • UCC160 Manual 16/35mm Roll Film & Fiche Carrier
  • UCC510 Motorised 16/35mm Roll Film & Manual Fiche Carrier
  • UCC610 Motorised 3M Cartridge, 16/35mm Rollfilm & Manual Fiche Carrier
  • Auto-Scan Pro
  • Powerscan Productivity Suite


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